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Thistle Dew Gin

Thistle Dew Gin, a symphony of botanical wonders that will captivate your senses - brought to you by Sean Hughes, founder of Thieving Acorn and one of NDC’s very talented distillers!

Discover the essence of this extraordinary gin, where the hero ingredients of Hawke's Bay Mandarin, Coastal Seaweed, fresh Green Peppercorns and Milk Thistle Seeds converge to create a taste like no other.

This gin has done very well in competitions this year, winning two silvers at the NZ Spirit Awards and The Junipers.

Thistle Dew Gin… as in, This’ll Do

750ml | 40% ABV

Available for purchase through the National Distillery Company's website, press the button below to be redirected to there website to purchase.

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