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Thieving Acorn was an idea put together by The Collective Endeavour Company: to provide an avenue of sale for creatives, artists and fashion designers . We at Thieving Acorn are all about boosting other people’s ambitions and making those “dreams” a reality. Our collections feature artwork and concepts put forth by local creatives from all walks of life.

We are a business geared around supporting creatives, we believe in letting creativity manifest in all forms. a core belief of our company is allowing Creatives to flourish and put out there truest expression of their work to the world.

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Hawkes Bay Cyclone Relief

following the devastating cyclone in Hawkes Bay, We decided to release a shirt supporting the people of Esk Valley (Where three of our founders grew up) donating 100% of the profits, after 72 hours of releasing the Esk Valley Tee we had raised over $12,000 and also heard a massive out cry for support in other areas. We released four more shirts: Kaweka ward, Pakowhai, Central HB and Wairoa. as the orders kept coming in, we decided to team up with the National Distillery Company and released a Hawkes Bay Tee and a Hawkes Bay Cyclone Relief Gin donating 80% of the profits. in the end we helped raise over $75,000 for the people of Hawkes Bay, The Hawkes Bay Cyclone Relief project is something we are immensely proud off and we are grateful to everybody who donated and contributed to helping raise this money that helped a lot of people who where in need.

Thieving Acorn's 1of1s

Providing a platform for up and coming fashion designers and creatives to showcase their original and unique garments.

Introducing Thieving Acorns latest project “1of1s”

Some of you might already know, One of our founding members studied fashion design abroad in Switzerland. Now Taane’s (Coufi) back he wanted to start a project to provide a space for people like him starting out in the fashion industry, Teaming up with Alice (Beverley’s) and Bryce (NoLogo) the team have finally bought this project to fruition.

Creating 1of1s is a starting point for most budding fashion designers, we have created a place where fashion designers can sell there unique creations (one of only one) and make some money to fund more creations, creating a 1of1 as a fashion designer is an expression of themselves and their own unique style. It also provides a place for learning and growth with each addition to the 1of1s page on (always plug) is another project under a fashion designers belt and another step further in them achieving their dreams.

1of1s is a place where fashion designers based in Hawkes bay or around New Zealand can sell their unique, handcrafted garments. Thieving Acorn is providing an avenue of sale for up and coming fashion designers who want to flog their wares, without the hassle of bank transfers, marketing and shipping with the cheeky bonus of Afterpay and Laybuy. We invite anybody who creates 1of1s to contact us below if they are interested in coming onboard.


Get in Touch

We would love to hear from you! If you want to work with us or have your art brought to life in the form of clothing, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We are here to help you with any inquiries you may have.

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Thank You!

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