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Collaborating with artists to bring their unique designs to fabric to share with the world


Stroking Worldwide

Strokers Collection is all about getting your hands dirty, putting in the man hours, and getting shit done. Straight out of Bay View, Hawke's Bay


Traditional Meets Crisp

With art work from Mexi-New Zealand tattoo artist Nadadora, these traditional tattoo designs pop on crisp fabrics. From the minds of young entrepreneurs 


Made To Stand Out

A collection for people who don't blend in with the crowd - made to stand out. Designed in Switzerland, printed in New Zealand


Take A Break

Hawkes Bay based tattoo artist, JustLaz branches out into merch with our latest collaboration. Featuring original designs of cute little critters and groovy nature based themes. This is our most colorful collection yet.


Vibing With Nature

Stems and paper, Hawkes Bay's local lino print artist hits fabric with Thieving Acorn in the new "Stems" Collection. When we simplify natures creations down to their essence, the building blocks that shape our world are revealed.

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